Lemon Twist Gala
Saturday, November 18th, 2017
Asbury Hall, Buffalo, NY

Lemon Twist GalaSaturday, November 18th, 2017Asbury Hall, Buffalo, NY
John Krans & Paula Iacono with Lauren Walier and her parents Sherry and Peter Walier.

Paula Iacono & John Krans

By John Krans

"This ballroom routine was done for Lauren and because of Lauren at her foundation's Lemon Twist Gala.

On Saturday, March 25th, National Cerebral Palsy Day, Lauren competed in the Michigan Dance Challenge. She had a totally amazing evening and all of us were really up in the clouds. After the professional competition I told Lauren that I really love watching ballroom dancing. Lauren looked at me and said "Grandpa you're never to old, the lady that won third place in the senior division was 80, be courageous."
Paula Iacono & John Krans